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Bastard Nation advocates for the civil and human rights of adult citizens who were adopted as children. Millions of North Americans are prohibited by law from accessing personal records that pertain to their historical, genetic and legal identities. Such records are held by their governments in secret and without accountability, due solely to the fact that they were adopted.
Bastard Nation campaigns for the restoration of their right to access their records. The right to know one’s identity is primarily a political issue directly affected by the practice of sealed records adoptions. Please join us in our efforts to end a hidden legacy of shame, fear and venality.


Frequently Asked Questions Who runs Bastard Nation? Executive Commitee and Legislative Commitee page Bastard Nation Founding Foundings   What’s with the name? The more than half-century old practice of impounding and sealing an adopted person’s original birth records in perpetuity has had the disastrous effect of breeding deep and long …

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Position Papers

Bastard Nation Position Papers These papers cover related issues more in depth and can be printed out for use in local public education or legislative campaigns. Bastard Nation’s Mission Statement From The Basic Bastard: Part I: Open Records: Why It’s an Issue Part V: Conditional Access Legislation Part VIII: Legalized Anonymous Infant Abandonment / …

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Take Action

 ACT Ideas for Getting involved You’re a Tax-paying citizen – NOT a Second-class citizen! Educate yourself, your community, and your legislators. The Basic Bastard The basics of Adoptee Rights Activism. Read it to know the issues and the arguments. Influencing Legislation A primer on getting the word out. Read it, …

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Local Laws, Activism and Contacts Learn more about Adoption Rights History and Law Bastard Nation’s Mission Statement The Basic Bastard – a collection of short articles address the main issues and questions regarding Bastard Nation and adoptee rights. Bastard Nation’s Position Papers Bastard Bytes: Printable papers for activists, legislators, and the media …

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Featured News:

Bastard Nation Action Alert, Louisiana HB 391. VOTE NO on CIs and counseling mandates

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 Vote NO on HB 391!

 Your URGENT action is needed, NOW!

LOUISIANA HOUSE BILL 391 is set to come before the Civil Law & Procedure Committee within the next couple of weeks, (No date set as of this writing).  The bill imposes undue restrictions upon adopted persons’ access to a copy of their own original birth certificate, through the implementation of a Confidential Intermediary and mandatory counseling system.

Louisiana Adoptee Rights Campaign (LARC), opposes HB 391. LARC is not a Bastard Nation partner, but we agree with the group’s assessment of the bill.

Please email the sponsor and committee members today and tell them that HB 391 is NOT an adoptee rights bill

Important:  LARC asks that at this time letters and other contacts be short and simple requests to the sponsor and the committee to VOTE NO on the bill. There is no need to write your objections in great detail, LARC also urges letter writers to be polite and respectful.

 LARC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LouisianaAdopteeRights/

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Bastard Nation Announces Partnership with Missouri Open!

Missouri Open

Bastard Nation is happy to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Missouri Open, the only authentic no-compromise organization dedicated to adoptee equality in the State of Missouri. It joins  BN partners CalOpen and Indiana Open Access.

The lack of transparency, communication, and professionalism within the current so-called Missouri “adoptee rights” movement, which is pushing badly compromised legislation and spreading mis-information about their work, is unconscionable. It jeopardizes the fight for adoptee equality and restoration of non-restricted access to Original Birth Certificates and other state-held adoption records not only in Missouri but nationwide. We are thrilled that Missouri Open, founded nearly 20 years ago and one of the original state adoptee rights organizations, has re-constituted itself and is working for true adoption equality.

Missouri Open is led by Konni Hall and Miren Kara Theiding with Lindsay Woodside acting as Missouri adviser. Lindsay is the founder of the original Missouri Open, a long-time BN supporter, and former BN LegCom member. Nearly 20 years ago she and Missouri Open brought the first OBC access bill, sponsored by Rep. Glenda Kelly, before the Missouri Legislature.  Due to health issues Lindsay has been unable to be active in the movement for the past few years, but she has never given up. Lindsay is the living history of the Missouri movement, and we are so happy that she is back with us. She is as solid as they come.

We asked the Missouri Open crew to tell us, in their own words, a little bit about themselves and their Missouri Open goals:

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Forwarded Action Alert: Massachusetts S 1144 and H 2045. Current clean bills. Please vote Do Pass out of Joint Committee

We are posting this action alert as a public service to our members and friends.

Bastard Nation has recieved notice from OBC for MA that next week clean Massachusetts bills  S 1144 AND H 2045 will be reported out of the Joint Committee on Public Health which held hearings Wednesday, March 16. These bills would empty the current Black Hole in Massachusetts access law and create unrestricted  OBC access for all Massachusetts adoptees. However, they need voted out of committee with a Do Pass vote before further action in both houses can be taken. The committee is expected to report on 100  bills that day  so it is imperative that members hear from us and know that OBC access for all is a critical issue.

These are not Bastard Nation bills and we have not been working with the OBC MA organization.  We did,  however, submit testimony in support of the bills.  The testimony includes a summary of the current law and the history of last access campaign in the state in which we were very active.  Links to committee members  and the text of the bills are included in the OBC for MA action alert below.

We urge you to support these bills as long as they remain unrestricted and unconditional.


OBC for MA Action Alert

S.1144 “An Act relative to equal access to original birth certificates” and

H.2045 “An Act Granting Equal Access to Original Birth Certificates to All Persons Born in Massachusetts”

The MA Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health held a hearing on Bills H.2045 and S.1144 on 6/23/15.  No action has been taken since then.  The Joint Committee is expected to report out on more than 100 bills on Wednesday.

Whether or not you have contacted legislators before, please take the following steps NOW!

Take Action!

1) Write, e-mail or call members of the Joint Committee on Public Health and urge them to support these bills and report out favorably.  You can find committee members and their contact information here. Share your personal and/or professional reasons for supporting access to original birth certificates.
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Bastard Nation Action Alert: Hawaii SB 2153 Clean bill for records access. Contact now! Vote YES!


PO. Box 9959 | Spokane, WA 99209 | Phone 614-641-0294


Let’s Bastardize Hawaii!

Bastard Nation Action Alert 

Support Hawaii  SB 2153

Hawaii  adoptees need your help NOW!

Distribute Freely!


On 3/3/16, HB 2082, an adoptee equality bill which would give adult adoptees unconditional access to the court file pertaining to their adoption, passed unanimously out of the Hawaii House of Representatives (three votes were ‘yes with reservations’).

The companion bill, SB 2153, passed out of the Senate Judiciary and Labor committee unanimously on 3/2/16.

That bill, SB2153, will now very soon be going to the full Senate for a floor vote.

Go here to read SB 2153. There will be some minor, technical amendments to this bill that have not been released, but they will not be substantive.

Please email and tweet (where applicable) all of our Hawaii Senators and ask them for their YES vote when SB2153 comes up for a floor vote. Hawaii is on the verge of unrestricted adoptee access. You can help make history!

A sample email to the Senators for your personalization:

“Dear Sen. _______________,

As an adoptee, I would like to ask for your support of adoptee equality by voting YES to SB 2153, which gives adult adoptees unrestricted access to the records of their birth and adoption.”


Baker ,  Rosalyn H. (D) 
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 230
Phone 808-586-6070
Fax 808-586-6071

Chun Oakland , Suzanne (D) 
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 226
Phone 808-586-6130
Fax 808-586-6131

 Dela Cruz ,  Donovan M.(D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 202
Phone 808-586-6090
Fax 808-586-6091
E-Mail: sendelacruz@capitol.hawaii.gov

 English ,  J. Kalani (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 205
Phone 808-587-7225
Fax 808-587-7230
E-Mail: senenglish@capitol.hawaii.gov

Espero ,  Will (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 206
Phone 808-586-6360
Fax 808-586-6361
E-Mail: senespero@capitol.hawaii.gov
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Bastard Nation is a proud member of the New York Adoptee Rights COalition

Bastard Nation is a proud member of the New York Adoptee Rights COalition

NYAC: Bastard Nation, The American Adoption Congress, Adoptee Rights Law Center, Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition of New York. Strategic Partners: Reclaim the Records



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Be a well–read bastard.

Be a well–read bastard.

Bastard Nation is proud to announce the publication of "The Bastard Chronicles: 20 Years of Adoptee Equality Activism in the U.S.and the Birth of a Bastard Nation", Compiled and edited by Marla Paul, "The Bastard Chronicles" is primer for adoptee equality. It features a diverse collection of Bastard theory, and practice, Bastard and Bastard Nation history, legislative and political action, personal stories, art, and literature. It is the public face of Class Bastard written by Bastard Nationals and those we have influenced. Print edition available at Amazon and the Bastard Boutique/.Also available on Kindle.



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Join Bastard Nation!

Join Bastard Nation!

This summer we are updating our membership/donation page and payment process. If you would like to join or donate, please hit the spemrie. It will take you to our Bastard Boutique page. Follow instructions from there. Be sure to include a quick note with your contact information and anything else you'd like us us know..

GET INVOLVED with Bastard Nation’s national and state-level advocacy efforts. Sign up or update your contact information here. We’ll be in touch.

GET INVOLVED  with Bastard Nation’s national and state-level advocacy efforts. Sign up or update your contact information here. We’ll be in touch.

Become a Bastard Nation Legislative Liaison!

Become a Bastard Nation Legislative Liaison!

Bastard Nation needs Legislative Liaisons in every state with laws that seal adoption records. We need eyes and ears in the legislatures, creating relationships and gathering information.

What does a BN Legislative Liaison do? They talk with lawmakers and their staff about adoptee rights and the laws that seal records. They distribute Bastard Nation position papers and FAQs to legislators and staff members. They record their conversations and report to the BN Legislative Committee.

They are organized, informed, friendly, helpful, and engaged.

What do you need to do to be a BN Legislative Liaison?

1. You need to live close to the capitol of your state.
2. You need to be able to appear friendly, even when talking with people who disagree with you or are just disagreeable, period.
3. You need to have a flexible schedule.
4. You need to agree with Bastard Nation’s mission: If you don’t know what that is, go to bastardnation.org, it’s right there on our welcome page.

Those are the prerequisites. If you are interested, click the picture of the capitol rotunda, and fill out the application form. We will be in touch and schedule an online orientation and training.

We look forward to working with you!

My, my it’s American Bastard Pie! (design by Lisa Zatonsky)

My, my it’s American  Bastard Pie! (design by Lisa Zatonsky)

See our state partners:

See our state partners:

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: CalOpen

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: CalOpen

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Indiana Open Access

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Indiana Open Access

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Michigan Open Access

Proud Bastard Nation Partner:  Michigan Open Access

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Missouri Open

Proud Bastard Nation Partner:  Missouri Open

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Equal Access Oklahoma

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Equal Access Oklahoma

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Open Adoption Records in Quebec

Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Open Adoption Records in Quebec



Any political organization seeking to enact true open records legislation should be very clear with both their constituents and the legislators they work with about what the essential provisions of the proposed bill are. Any modification or deletion of the essential provisions of a bill should be immediate cause to have the bill killed.

Any political organization seeking the assistance of Bastard Nation to pass open records legislation must hold unconditional access by adult adoptees to the original record of their birth as an essential provision that cannot be modified or deleted. Read our Mission Statement.

Bastard Nation will not assist any political organization to pass open records legislation unless their governing board or other leadership

passes a written resolution such as the following that commits the board to a strategy of no compromise on key provisions
informs its constituents of this commitment and this strategy
informs the sponsoring legislators of this commitment and this strategy.

WHEREAS we recognize that disclosure and contact vetoes, redactions, mandatory intermediaries and registry provisions are an affront to the dignity of adopted persons everywhere and a violation of their right to due process and equal treatment under the law,

WHEREAS there has been a demonstrable negative effect on the ability to pass unconditional open records in states that have passed veto legislation and/or any provisions that are less than unconditional access on demand by the adult adoptee,

WHEREAS our primary goal is to restore the right of adult adoptees everywhere to be treated as full citizens under the law,

WE HEREBY DECLARE that under no circumstances will we accept the addition of veto, redaction, intermediary, or registry provisions, or any conditional provisions to our legislation that would be less than unconditional access for adult adoptees to the original record of their birth. All legislative sponsors and members of this organization will be informed of our policy on this matter to ensure that the bill is pulled promptly in the event of such revisions.

Bastardly Books by Bastards and Friends

Bastardly  Books by Bastards and Friends

A reading list for all Good Bastards

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