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Bastard Nation Action Alert: Hawaii HB 2082, SB 2153. Clean bills for records access. Contact now! YES on both!

March 1, 2016 News No Comments

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Let’s Bastardize Hawai’i!

Bastard Nation Action Alert 

Support Hawaii HB 2082 and SB 2153

Hawaii  adoptees need your help NOW!

HB 2082:  March 1, 2016  House Floor Vote

SB 2152:  March 2, 2016:  Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee (JDL). Hearing

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HB 2082

On 2/23/16, HB 2082, an adoptee access bill which would give adult adoptees unconditional access to the court file pertaining to their adoption, passed unanimously (one excused, one ‘yes with reservations’) out of the Hawaii House of Representatives Judiciary committee.

That bill will now be going to the full House for a floor vote.

Go here to read the bill, as passed.

Please email the House of Representatives and ask them for their YES vote when the bill comes up for a floor vote. Please personally email sponsors Representatives Lee, Cullen, and Yamane, and thank them for their sponsorship and continued support. While their contact information is contained below, they are NOT included in the blast, quick email list, and need to be individually emailed.

House Contact

Aquino ,  Henry J.C. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 419
Phone 808-586-6520
Fax 808-586-6521
E-Mail: repaquino@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Belatti ,  Della Au (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 426
Phone 808-586-9425
Fax 808-586-9431
E-Mail: repbelatti@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Brower ,  Tom (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 315
Phone 808-586-8520
Fax 808-586-8524
E-Mail: repbrower@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Cachola ,  Romy M. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 435
Phone 808-586-6010
Fax 808-586-6011
E-Mail: repcachola@Capitol.hawaii.gov


Choy ,  Isaac W. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 404
Phone 808-586-8475
Fax n/a
E-Mail: repchoy@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Creagan ,  Richard P. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 331
Phone 808-586-9605
Fax 808-586-9608
E-Mail: repcreagan@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Cullen ,  Ty J.K. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 316
Phone 808-586-8490
Fax 808-586-8494
E-Mail: repcullen@Capitol.hawaii.gov
DeCoite ,  Lynn (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 405
Phone 808-586-6790
Fax 808-586-6779
E-Mail: repdecoite@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Fukumoto Chang , Beth (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 333
Phone 808-586-9460
Fax n/a
E-Mail: repfukumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Har ,  Sharon E. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 418
Phone 808-586-8500
Fax 808-586-8504
E-Mail: rephar@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Hashem ,  Mark J. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 326
Phone 808-586-6510
Fax 808-586-6511
E-Mail: rephashem@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Ichiyama ,  Linda (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 327
Phone 808-586-6220
Fax 808-586-6221
E-Mail: repichiyama@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Ing ,  Kaniela (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 311
Phone 808-586-8525
Fax 808-586-8529
E-Mail: reping@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Ito ,  Ken (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 432
Phone 808-586-8470
Fax 808-586-8474
E-Mail: repito@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Johanson ,  Aaron Ling (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 427
Phone 808-586-9470
Fax 808-586-9476
E-Mail: repjohanson@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Jordan ,  Jo (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 323
Phone 808-586-8460
Fax 808-586-8464
E-Mail: repjordan@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Kawakami ,  Derek S.K. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 314
Phone 808-586-8435
Fax 808-586-8437
E-Mail: repkawakami@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Keohokalole ,  Jarrett (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 310
Phone 808-586-8540
Fax 808-586-8544

Kobayashi ,  Bertrand (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 403
Phone 808-586-6310
Fax 808-586-6311
E-Mail: repkobayashi@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Kong ,  Sam Satoru (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 313
Phone 808-586-8455
Fax 808-586-8459
E-Mail: repkong@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Lee ,  Chris (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 436
Phone 808-586-9450
Fax 808-586-9456
E-Mail: repclee@Capitol.hawaii.gov

LoPresti ,  Matthew S. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 328
Phone 808-586-6080
Fax 808-586-6081
E-Mail: replopresti@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Lowen ,  Nicole E. (D)
Hawai i State Capitol, Room 425
Phone 808-586-8400
Fax 808-586-8404
E-Mail: replowen@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Luke ,  Sylvia (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 306
Phone 808-586-6200
Fax 808-586-6201
E-Mail: repluke@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Matsumoto ,  Lauren Kealohilani (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 303
Phone 808-586-9490
Fax 808-586-9496
E-Mail: repmatsumoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov

McDermott ,  Bob (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 330
Phone 808-586-9730
Fax 808-586-9738
E-Mail: repmcdermott@Capitol.hawaii.gov

McKelvey ,  Angus L.K. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 320
Phone 808-586-6160
Fax 808-586-6161
E-Mail: repmckelvey@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Mizuno ,  John M. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 439
Phone 808-586-6050
Fax 808-586-6051
E-Mail: repmizuno@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Morikawa ,  Dee (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 442
Phone 808-586-6280
Fax 808-586-6281
E-Mail: repmorikawa@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Nakashima ,  Mark M. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 406
Phone 808-586-6680
Fax 808-586-6684
E-Mail: repnakashima@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Nishimoto ,  Scott Y. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 421
Phone 808-586-8515
Fax 808-586-8519
E-Mail: repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Ohno ,  Takashi (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 332
Phone 808-586-9415
Fax 808-586-9421
E-Mail: repohno@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Onishi ,  Richard H.K. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 441
Phone 808-586-6120
Fax 808-586-6121
E-Mail: reponishi@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Oshiro ,  Marcus R. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 424
Phone 808-586-6700
Fax 808-586-6702
E-Mail: repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Pouha ,  Feki (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 319
Phone 808-586-6380
Fax 808-586-6381
E-Mail: reppouha@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Rhoads ,  Karl (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 302
Phone 808-586-6180
Fax 808-586-6189
E-Mail: reprhoads@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Saiki ,  Scott K. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 434
Phone 808-586-8485
Fax 808-586-8489
E-Mail: repsaiki@Capitol.hawaii.gov

San Buenaventura , Joy A. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 305
Phone 808-586-6530
Fax 808-586-6531

Say ,  Calvin K.Y. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 433
Phone 808-586-6900
Fax 808-586-6910
E-Mail: repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Souki ,  Joseph M. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 431
Phone 808-586-6100
Fax 808-586-6101
E-Mail: repsouki@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Takayama ,  Gregg (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 324
Phone 808-586-6340
Fax 808-586-6341
E-Mail: reptakayama@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Takumi ,  Roy M. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 444
Phone 808-586-6170
Fax 808-586-6171
E-Mail: reptakumi@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Thielen ,  Cynthia (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 443
Phone 808-586-6480
Fax 808-586-6481
E-Mail: repthielen@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Tokioka ,  James Kunane(D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 322
Phone 808-586-6270
Fax 808-586-6271
E-Mail: reptokioka@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Tsuji ,  Clift (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 402
Phone 808-586-8480
Fax 808-586-8484
E-Mail: reptsuji@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Tupola ,  Andria P.L. (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 317
Phone 808-586-8465
Fax 808-586-8469
E-Mail: reptupola@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Ward ,  Gene (R)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 318
Phone 808-586-6420
Fax 808-586-6421
E-Mail: repward@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Woodson ,  Justin H. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 304
Phone 808-586-6210
Fax 808-586-6211
E-Mail: repwoodson@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Yamane ,  Ryan I. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 420
Phone 808-586-6150
Fax 808-586-6151
E-Mail: repyamane@Capitol.hawaii.gov

Yamashita ,  Kyle T. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 422
Phone 808-586-6330
Fax 808-586-6331
E-Mail: repyamashita@Capitol.hawaii.gov

For those whose e-mail provider requires a comma between recipients (please use BCC line):

repaquino@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repbelatti@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repbrower@Capitol.hawaii.gov,repcachola@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repcullen@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repdecoite@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repichiyama@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reping@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repito@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repjohanson@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repkeohokalole@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repkobayashi@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
replopresti@Capitol.hawaii.gov, replowen@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repmcdermott@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repmckelvey@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repnakashima@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repnishimoto@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repohno@Capitol.hawaii.gov,reponishi@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repmoshiro@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reppouha@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
reprhoads@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repsaiki@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repsanbuenaventura@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repsay@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
repsouki@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reptakayama@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
reptokioka@Capitol.hawaii.gov, reptsuji@Capitol.hawaii.gov,
reptupola@Capitol.hawaii.gov, repward@Capitol.hawaii.gov,


Please restore our equal rights!  Vote yes on HB 2082 #AdopteeRights@chrisleeforhi @repjordan @RepBelatti

@Rep_Tupola @NLowen



SB 2153

Senate version of the bill, SB 2153  will be heard Wednesday, March 2, 2016 at 10:00am before the Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee (JDL). Four out of the seven members of the JDL committee are sponsors of the bill. That information is indicated next to their contact information. Because there are only seven members, and some are sponsors, we ask that you please send personal emails to each one instead of one blast email to all of them, which will allow you to personally thank those Senators who are sponsoring the legislation.

A sample email to the sponsors for your personalization:

“As an adult adoptee, I would like to thank you for your sponsorship of the adoptee rights bill, SB 2153. I would like to ask for your continued support of adoptee equality by voting YES, without amendments, when it comes before you for hearing on March 1, 2016 at 10:00am in the JDL committee”.

You may also register with the legislative site for free and then use the “Submit testimony” button to submit testimony in advance of the 3/2/16 hearing. Please only submit testimony if you are a Hawaii adoptee or triad member, Hawaii resident, or if you have a position as a representative of a group (such as a search and support group, adoptee rights group, etc). Hawaii residents and triad members are also encouraged to call the JDL Committee members to simply express support of the bill.

If none of those apply to you, as set forth above, you are still encouraged to contact the Senate JDL Committee members prior to the hearing to express your support of SB 2153, via both email and Twitter (where applicable).

Senate Judiciary and Labor Committee (JDL) Contact

Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran (Bill Sponsor) phone: 808-586-7344 senkeithagaran@capitol.hawaii.gov Twitter: @GilKAOGG

Maile S.L. Shimabukuro (Bill Sponsor) phone: 808-586-7793 senshimabukuro@capitol.hawaii.gov

Mike Gabbard (Bill Sponsor) phone: 808-586-6830 sengabbard@capitol.hawaii.gov Twitter @SenMikeGabbard Kaiali’i Kahele phone: 808-586-6760 senkahele@capitol.hawaii.gov

Donna Mercado Kim phone: 808-587-7200 senkim@Capitol.hawaii.gov Twitter: @DonnaMercadoKim

Laura Thielen (Bill Sponsor) phone: 808-587-8388 senthielen@capitol.hawaii.gov

Sam Slom phone: 808-586-8420 senslom@capitol.hawaii.gov Twitter: @Senator_Slom


Please restore our equal rights! Vote yes on SB2153 #AdopteeRights @GilKAOGG @SenMikeGabbard Kaiali’i Kahele @DonnaMercadoKim @Senator_Slom

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Bastard Nation is a proud member of the New York Adoptee Rights COalition

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My, my it’s American  Bastard Pie! (design by Lisa Zatonsky)

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See our state partners:

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Proud Bastard Nation Partner: CalOpen

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Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Indiana Open Access

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Proud Bastard Nation Partner:  Michigan Open Access

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Proud Bastard Nation Partner:  Missouri Open

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Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Equal Access Oklahoma

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Proud Bastard Nation Partner: Open Adoption Records in Quebec



Any political organization seeking to enact true open records legislation should be very clear with both their constituents and the legislators they work with about what the essential provisions of the proposed bill are. Any modification or deletion of the essential provisions of a bill should be immediate cause to have the bill killed.

Any political organization seeking the assistance of Bastard Nation to pass open records legislation must hold unconditional access by adult adoptees to the original record of their birth as an essential provision that cannot be modified or deleted. Read our Mission Statement.

Bastard Nation will not assist any political organization to pass open records legislation unless their governing board or other leadership

passes a written resolution such as the following that commits the board to a strategy of no compromise on key provisions
informs its constituents of this commitment and this strategy
informs the sponsoring legislators of this commitment and this strategy.

WHEREAS we recognize that disclosure and contact vetoes, redactions, mandatory intermediaries and registry provisions are an affront to the dignity of adopted persons everywhere and a violation of their right to due process and equal treatment under the law,

WHEREAS there has been a demonstrable negative effect on the ability to pass unconditional open records in states that have passed veto legislation and/or any provisions that are less than unconditional access on demand by the adult adoptee,

WHEREAS our primary goal is to restore the right of adult adoptees everywhere to be treated as full citizens under the law,

WE HEREBY DECLARE that under no circumstances will we accept the addition of veto, redaction, intermediary, or registry provisions, or any conditional provisions to our legislation that would be less than unconditional access for adult adoptees to the original record of their birth. All legislative sponsors and members of this organization will be informed of our policy on this matter to ensure that the bill is pulled promptly in the event of such revisions.

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Bastardly  Books by Bastards and Friends

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